‘The Squeeze’ Golf Drama Trailer Revealed

Filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, the official trailer for the golf themed comedy drama The Squeeze is now online.

'The Squeeze' was filmed in and around Wilmington, North Carolina.

‘The Squeeze’ was filmed in and around Wilmington, North Carolina.

You can watch the official trailer in the player below and let us hear what you think in the comments, and then be sure to check out the full movie available now on Video On Demand!

Starring Chris McDonald (Happy Gilmore, Requiem for a Dream) and Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan, Friday Night Lights).

When Augie Baccas (Jeremy Sumpter), a common man of uncommon skills, living in a small rural town wins his one day City Golf Championship by 15 shots breaking his own course record, a dapper Southern gentleman gambler, Riverboat (Chris McDonald) and his over-the-top bejeweled wife, Jessie (Katherine LaNasa) who are driving cross country from Mississippi to Las Vegas hear of this uncommonly gifted young golfer on local radio. They turn off the highway and head for the local muni course to find young Augie and convince him to abandon his dreams of qualifying for the US Open and come play for Riverboat in high-stake gambling matches.

Angering his long time girlfriend Natalie (Jillian Murray) beyond words as she watches him abandon his dreams and compromise his integrity, Augie continues to use his uncommon talent to win higher and higher stakes matches until they’re finally run out of town and head for Las Vegas. Playing for even higher stakes, Augie finds himself pitted against notorious Vegas gambler Jimmy Diamonds (Michael Nouri) who has known connections to the mob.

Augie continues to win every match until Jimmy Diamonds, fed up with the scam, breaks into Augie’s hotel room and informs him if he doesn’t lose the next day’s million dollar match he’ll end up at the bottom of a swimming pool wearing lead boots. Fearing for his life, Augie attempts to escape but is discovered by a very angry Riverboat who counters with a similar fate. Win or lose, he’s dead.

The Squeeze, filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina


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  1. This movie make me love golf . I never played golf before and I never liked golf either. But this movie which is basically based on real story make me love golf. Worth watch movie, that’s all I can say.

    This movie is starred by Jeremy Sumpter. There is a rock music played on tape when Auggie(Jeremy Sumpter) was playing golf in the movie at 40:20 min and when the Riverboat showed up in the car. Does anyone know the song name? I am trying to find that song

    Some of the lyrics of the song are … To hear it told I am the man of the hour But my hold is starting to slip … ….. …But I suspect that my enemies are plotting…

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