Jim Carrey Comedy ‘Loomis Fargo’ To Film True NC Story In North Carolina

Set to begin filming this month in North Carolina, Relativity Media will bring a true heist story that happened in Charlotte to life in a new comedy starring Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey

Loomis Fargo is the story of a real life robbery that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina  in 1997, when David Scott Ghantt, the driver of a Loomis Fargo & Company armored car grabbed $17 million, stuck it in a company van, and drove off with the money, committing the third largest cash robbery in United States history at the time.

Ghantt left the stolen cash with some coworkers and then headed for Mexico where he planned to hide out for a few months until the heat around the heist cooled down. While Ghantt was in hiding, his co-conspirators were supposed to wire him the money, but they instead plotted to have him murdered while blowing through millions of dollars living like rock stars in North Carolina.

All three were eventually arrested less than a year later.

It was announced in February that filming of Loomis Fargo would begin this month in North Carolina, with Jim Carrey starring as Ghantt and Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) directing.


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