New Release Dates for ‘We’re the Millers’ and ‘The Conjuring’!

Warner Bros. Pictures has updated their 2013 release calendar, moving the James Wan horror thriller The Conjuring from January to July and setting Jennifer Aniston’s We’re the Millers to open in August.

Filmed in Wilmington, NC, 'We're the Millers' opens in theaters August 9, 2013.

It was announced yesterday that Warner Bros. has rescheduled The Conjuring (formerly known as The Warren Files) from January 25 to July 19, 2013. 

Directed by James Wan (Saw, Insidious) and filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, The Conjuring is inspired by the true story of the Perron family, who claimed they ”lived among the dead” in the 1970s, and who hired paranormal investigators Ed and Loraine Warren to help them battle the spirits that reportedly haunted their Rhode Island farmhouse.

Vera Farmiga (Orphan) and Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) star as the Warrens, while Lili Taylor (The Haunting) and Ron Livingston (Office Space) play the real life Perrons. The cast also includes Mackenzie Foy (Twilight: Breaking Dawn), Joey King (Crazy Stupid Love), Hayley McFarland, and Shanley Caswell.

Vera Farmiga stars in 'The Conjuring', filmed in Wilmington, NC.

Vera Farmiga stars in ‘The Conjuring’, filmed in Wilmington, NC.

  Also shot in Wilmington, NC and on location in New Mexico this summer, the release date for the comedy We’re the Millers has been set for August 9, 2013.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story), We’re the Millers features Jason Sudeikis (The Campaign) as a small-time pot dealer who creates a fake family in order to smuggle a big-time shipment of marijuana in from Mexico.

The film also stars Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses) as a stripper posing s Sudeikis’ wife, along with Emma Roberts (Scream 4), Nick Offerman (21 Jump Street), Kathryn Hahn (The Dictator), Will Poulter (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”), and Ed Helms (the Hangover films). 

From the Wilmington, NC set of 'We're the Millers', tweeted by star Emma Roberts.

From the Wilmington, NC set of ‘We’re the Millers’, tweeted by star Emma Roberts.


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